NEW ORLEANS A 25-year-old man has turned himself in to police after being wanted for using a Taser on a police officer who was responding to a domestic issue.

According to NOPD spokesperson Remi Braden, Officer Brittany Marigny was responding to the disturbance last Monday and when she arrived a woman told her that she was trying to get back into an apartment after her boyfriend locked her out.

Braden said the boyfriend, identified as Brandon Bernard, did let the officer and the girlfriend in the apartment but returned a short time later. At some point he came back into the room with the two women and had a hand behind his back.

Braden said Officer Marigny ordered him to show both of his hands and he refused, then pulled the Taser from behind his back and tried to get at Marigny.

At some point, Marigny was Tased and suffered a torn shirt and a burn mark near the area where the Taser hit.

Bernard fled the scene but turned himself in to police Thursday morning and was booked.

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