Information in this report is from Ashely Rodrigue, Northshore Bureau Chief

PEARLRIVER, La.. - A man that deputies say was killed by his son was stabbed in the leg and bled to death after an artery was hit following an argument early Tuesday.

Billie Rawson Jr. was apprehended by deputies in Hancock County, Mississippi after they received a call from St. Tammany Parish that a wanted man could be headed their way.

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain said Rawson Jr. confessed to killing his father - Billie Rawson Sr. - after an argument. The two shared a home near Lock Road in Pearl River.

According to Strain, a family member called the sheriff's office to report the argument and fight between father and son. Deputies arriving on the scene only found Rawson Sr.'s body and, with a tip from a family member, they alerted Mississippi officials that Rawson Jr. could be headed toward their area.

The coroner's report said that Rawson Sr. died after bleeding to death when an artery was struck from a stabbing.

Strain said the 'fight' appeared to be one-sided, with the father suffering the trauma to his body.

Strain also said that Rawson had recently been committed for psychiatric treatment and was released from the Bogalusa mental health facility.

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