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NEW ORLEANS -- Police are searching for the people who shot five people in New Orleans East Tuesday night. One person died.

It's the latest in a rash of violence in the metro area. Five other people were robbed at gunpoint in different parts of the city as well.

It has the Archbishop of New Orleans calling it an epidemic.

'People getting killed too much round here. You know it's frightening,' said a man who didn't want to be identified who witnessed the quintuple shooting.

Most nights, Yorktown is a street full of people playing a pickup game of basketball. Tuesday night, it was full of bullet casings.

'I walked to my house, sit down, light a cigarette. I took like two or three puffs and it sounded like Beruit,' the man said.

Five people were shot, including 23-year-old Corey Harris.

'He was like, 'I can't breathe. I can't breathe. I can't move,'' said Lisa Stephens, who was in the area at the time of the shootings.

Harris died at the hospital.

Witnesses said the two gunmen jumped through a fence bordering a back street with assault rifles.

'It scared me so bad I couldn't do nothing but take my little nephew and hit the ground,' Stephens said.

Witnesses said the two gunmen came down Yorktown. They sprayed everything in their path with gunfire.

'It makes you want to leave New Orleans. But where you gonna go?' the unidentified witness asked.

Since last Friday, New Orleans police have responded to more than 11 shooting scenes all across the city. EMS said they've treated 18 people for gunshot wounds in the past week, just in New Orleans.

'We're in this for the long haul because we have created a culture of violence and death that the easiest way to get revenge and solve a problem is with a gun,' said Archbishop of New Orleans Gregory Aymond.

Aymond is asking people to put these signs in their front yards, standing up to what he calls an epidemic.

'Thou shalt not kill. It's that simple,' Aymond said. 'It's just too much violence. Senseless violence,' the unidentified witness said.

On Yorktown, friends said Harris didn't deserve to die this way.

Police have not released a motive or suspects in either that shooting or in this carjacking in the 3200 block of Gentilly Boulevard.

They have, however, made some progress solving some of the recent armed robberies.

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