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NEWORLEANS - The pictures from the Northeast are all too familiar for a lot of people in southeastern Louisiana, as many residents understand what Hurricane Sandy victims are going through.

Added to the power outages and devastation in the Northeast is snow, making the misery for those Americans more unbearable.

Seven years after Hurricane Katrina, volunteers, including those from the Red Cross, continue to come from all over the world to help the New Orleans area

The Red Cross is in desperate need of donations, and many Louisianians are already stepping up to help.

The Red Cross has deployed 1,700 workers so far to the Northeast, including 11 from southeast Louisiana.

'Many of them are coming in wet.They needed blankets. They needed clothing. People are coming in emotionally drained,' said SE La. CEO Kay Wilkins of the people arriving at Red Cross shelters. 'They were talking about how much this reminded them of what we had been through during Katrina.'

On Monday night, 11,000 people slept in 250 Red Cross shelters in 16 states.

Red Cross provided meals, offered mental health comfort, reunited families and more.

There are 25 more Red Cross workers fromSoutheast Louisiana on standby and more are being asked to go.

'It really is healing to be able to now pay it forward and go and help others and talk about how we have been in their shoes, maybe not necessarily in those cold shoes. But, we certainly understand how devastating a hurricane can be and how scary it can be to be pulled from your home and to wonder what's going to be there when you go back,' Wilkins said.

To make a donation call 1-800-Red-Cross or visit;jsessionid=808DDA338575744E73AE83D9AE166904. To make a $10 donation, text the word 'RedCross' to 90999.

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