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In a month's time the City of New Orleans hopes to finish all Super Bowl 2013 infrastructure projects. Eyewitness News caught up with local officials for a progress report on some of those major projects.

'We're going to be ready for the Super Bowl. We're going to put on our best face,' said New Orleans Deputy Mayor Cedric Grant.

From road work to landscaping to construction detours at Armstrong International Airport just about everywhere you turn these days --- the Super Bowl 2013 construction frenzy is in full-swing. Improvements include the new Loyola Street car which will run through the Central Business District to Canal Street. City officials say it is about 80-percent complete and could be tested as early as next week.

At Armstrong International Airport, $300-million dollars in modernization projects are underway including a new concourse and landscaping. Those improvements are all slated to wrap up in January.

'I'm looking at how to better utilize that space,' said Deputy Mayor Grant discussing the possibility of adding additional fencing underneath the Pontchartrain Expressway - site of the city's former homeless encampment.

The City of New Orleans is looking at extending a 'park and ride' system in the area already present near Saint Charles Avenue and Calliope Street.

'I'm talking about a nice fence and managed space, managed security and the like. We think there's an opportunity there to provide peripheral parking to the CBD,' said Deputy Mayor Grant.

In Jefferson Parish along Airline Drive near North Causeway Boulevard -- new decorative lighting recently went up.

'They're going to be from Labarre Road to the New Orleans line and there is 58 double armed poles down the median and another 28 on the side. They'll have arms for banners,' said Jefferson Parish Councilmember Cynthia Lee-Sheng.

The $1.4 million dollar lighting project was requested by the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation. Councilmember Lee-Sheng says it was paid for with re-dedicated street millage money.

'We didn't want to do or expend money on a project that would leave when the super bowl left and all the visitors left,' said Councilmember Lee-Sheng.

The City of New Orleans hopes to have all Super Bowl improvements wrapped up by January 15. Deputy Mayor Grant says they will continue after the big sports event with approximately 60 projects are already in the pipeline for 2013.

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