Ashley Rodrigue / Eyewitness News
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METAIRIE, La. -- Shoppers are at it again. Christmas Eve deadlines and deals have people flocking to local malls.

Some shoppers are the predictable kind, who could be spotted in several gift wrapping lines.

'Guys always shop on Christmas Eve,' said Lou Silva, a last-minute shopper. 'No crowds, nothing. Walk in, walk out, get it wrapped, go home.'

Stores are working last minute too. In order to increase sales, they're increasing sale discounts. They're hoping to get shoppers to the malls and to bring in shoppers already at the mall.

It worked for one shopper, who said on Christmas Eve its pays to procrastinate.

'I picked up a few more things I probably wouldn't have because they had really good deals on them,' said Candice Forest.

And if the Christmas Eve deals weren't enough, the day after Christmas sales are already popping up, likely to lead to deja vu in two days.

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