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COVINGTON- The first week in February has been quiet in Covington after a flurry of crimes at the start of the year.

'Bout the last two weeks, we've had a little bit of an unusual situation occur in Covington, especially for Covington,' said Police Chief Richard Palmisano.

The issues include quirky crimes like graffiti on historic buildings and petty crimes like the burglary of a convenience store on Columbia Street. But police have also found meth during a traffic stop of a Mississippi couple and received a call from a hospital about a man shot while driving down Filmore Street. The armed robbery of this gas station on South Tyler added to the load, and a gruesome domestic violence case emerged from West 31st Street on Sunday where police say the suspect held the victim under scalding water. It's something residents have noticed too.

'It's been interesting, maybe it has something to do with the weather around here, graffiti and what not, strange,' said Jonathan James.

But in almost every case, regular patrols and watchful citizens have helped police close investigations quickly. Leaders say it's a testament to the small town way of life in Covington.

'We've been on top of these incidents,' said Mayor Mike Cooper, 'Our Covington Police have responded aggressively and quickly to solve these crimes. Our investigative units have made quick arrests in these incidents.'

Palmisano said, 'Working together, that's the answer to how we're able to be so successful.'

For residents, police protection keeps them feeling comfortable in Covington.

'Completely, I walk up and down the street by myself all the time,' said James.

If you have any information that can help Covington Police with any crimes, head to our 'Links on 4' page to find the department's anonymous tip form.

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