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NEW ORLEANS -- Rain or shine, Carnival revelers can't get enough of Bourbon Street on Lundi Gras.

'This is what we love, dodging beads and getting drunk!' said Escherika Williams, who made the trip to New Orleans from Alabama.

The rain couldn't put out the Carnival fire on Bourbon Street.

'I got my hair in a bun, so I got the weather proof hair. I don't care,' laughed Heidi Bowers.

The Covington native and her friends didn't let the weather forecast stop them from adventuring into the French Quarter.

'I'm super excited. We're ready to rock and roll,' said Bowers.

This year Carnival revelers reached for umbrellas and ponchos, trying to stay dry while celebrating what New Orleans does best.

'You gotta come at least once in your lifetime because it's a once in a lifetime experience. Just the culture, the people, the parties, it's worth it,' said Sherma Brooks, who is visiting from San Francisco.

It's an unforgettable party that continues to draw large crowds, regardless of the weather.

'It's Mardi Gras. You only live once. I'm here for a reason. I'm really happy to be here,' said New Jersey native Ryan Henry.

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