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NEWORLEANS- The City of New Orleans can finally kick up its heels after three busy weeks of festivities.

Visitors and natives alike are impressed by how the city handled Carnival Season and the Super Bowl frenzy. 'For me it was beautiful. It was something to give the city -- to let the people know that the City of New Orleans is a fun place to come,' said Treme resident Pamela Francis.

Francis chose to celebrate Mardi Gras at a Treme block party with her neighbors. She's proud to see her hometown pull off two major events back to back. 'It was a beautiful experience and I hope the next time we have the Super Bowl, it'll be the Saints!,' joked Francis.

Glitzy floats, beads and costumes --- New Orleans pulled out all the stops for Carnival revelers this year. The City forced to pause for nine days to entertain thousands of football fans before making way for the big game. The Super Bowl was then followed by more parades. 'We've walked the whole city. We love the city. I love the party. Its a great celebration and we're having a blast,' said Jane Knotz, a tourist from Minnesota.

Knotz and a friend are both impressed by how the City caters to large and high-spirited crowds. 'I can't believe, everyone is just having fun. I haven't seen a whole lot of problems. The police are doing a great job. Just their presence is taking care of things,' said Greg Price also from Minnesota.

Beefed up police patrols and bringing in additional support from other law enforcement agencies comes with a price. 'The officers started working 12-hour shifts, we started restricting days off,' said NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

The Police Chief says officers continue to work around the clock trying to keep the public safe during one of the busiest times of the year. 'They have just really delivered for three solid weeks,' said Serpas of the NOPD.

As the world sees another successful Mardi Gras come to a close, one New Orleanian can't help but feel a sense of pride. 'We back! We back! There ain't nothing you can say about New Orleans, we back baby!,' said Francis.

The NOPD says it will resume its normal operations this Sunday.

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