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NEW ORLEANS - A 34-year-old Iowa woman whose family had come to New Orleans after reporting her missing here, has been found, according to the NOPD.

Spokesperson Hilal Williams said Jessica Pratt has been located and is in good health. She went to the Eighth District police station and met with officers this morning.

According to family, Pratt had come to New Orleans in search of work as a club dancer during Mardi Gras. She checked in to a motel the Thursday before Mardi Gras and was last seen the following Saturday - two days later.

There is no word on where Pratt was during her absence.

'She would never go a week without calling her kids. Never,' her brother Josh Pratt said. 'Everything she does is for her kids. She's never done this. My dad had surgery last week, last Wednesday, and she wouldn't have not called or found out any of the information. It's way out of the ordinary. Something's wrong. She's not that type of person.'

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