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HARAHAN, La. -- For the Harahan Police Department, a sweeping investigation into drug activity based in New Orleans became a golden opportunity.

'We would deploy one of our officers to the DEA and, in return, any profits that came about as a result of forfeiture, we would share in,' said Harahan Mayor Vinny Mosca.

The investigation ultimately ended with former pharmacist Carlton Charles pleading guilty to numerous charges connected to a prescription pill ring.

The multi-agency sting netted big bucks in cash seizures for its members.

The Harahan Police Department, which provided one of its own 28 officers, gets $200,000.

'Harahan is a very small town, a very small budget,' said Harahan Police Chief Mac Dickinson. 'So, for us to have an opportunity to participate is huge. That $200,000 is big. My total budget is $1.6 million. So, it's a very big deal.'

Especially -- Dickinson said -- during these lean times for local governments nationwide.

'Without money coming in like this, we don't have the budget to get the extra equipment we need to run an effective department. So, it's very important,' Dickinson said. 'I plan on using the money for training to help pay the officers' salary and for some cars as well.'

Mosca said he's thankful.

'The federal government makes it happen and, as a result of their policies, an entity, a city as small as Harahan can participate and reap benefits. In this case, $200,000,' he said.

Harahan officials are hopeful they'll see more opportunities this year.

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