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NEWORLEANS-- Police removed eight suspicious devices from a truck parked by the Whitney Bank near Canal Street and Jefferson Davis Parkway and workers and nearby residents are being allowed to return to their buildings.

The NOPDhad called in the bomb squad and evacuated residents near the 3300 block of Canal Street after the report of a suspicious package inside of a truck. Police removed the devices, one of which had a timer and a fuse.

Officer Frank Robertson, a spokesman for the NOPD, said the 'combustible compound'could have caused an explosion. ATFinvestigators are looking at the devices in their lab for further analysis.

Robertson said the suspect responsible can now face federal jail time and fines, but no one has been arrested, and the NOPDhasn't released any information about a possible suspect.

Canal Street was closed in both directions in that area and public transportation through that area was re-routed.

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