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NEWORLEANS- A Jefferson Parish teacher is still missing after her mother reported not being able to get in touch with her over the weekend.

She was last seen at Parlay's bar on Harrison Avenue in Lakeview.

26-year-old Terrilynn Monette moved here a year and a half ago to be a teacher. Now, a fun night out with a friend from college has ended with a desperate search to find her.

'We just don't know where she is and we want her back,' said Sheryl Bennett, Monnette's Aunt who lives in New Orleans East.

Monnette normally talks to family members every day.

'We went to the apartment and knocked on the door, no one answered. No car was in the drive. And we have not heard from her. You call and it keeps going to voice mail,' Bennett said.

Monnette teaches second grade at Woodland West Elementary on the West bank, but family members say she didn't show up for work Monday.

'It's OK she went out for a drink. Everyone does. But her not calling me or her sister, that's when we knew that it was automatically out of character for her,' said Tiffany Robinson, one of Monnette's best friends in New Orleans.

Monnette's family said she went out to dinner with a friend from college at Southern University. Then they met his uncle and friend out for drinks at Parlay's on Harrison Avenue.

'She was wearing a teal and white striped sweater. And she was sitting right here at the corner of the bar,' said a worker at Parlay's who didn't want to be identified.

Police said the sweater was pink and yellow, however, the worker said she remembers Monnette's face and group of friends. The worker said about six guys, some of them regulars, were hanging out with Monnette having a good time Friday night. By last call at 3:45 Saturday morning, Monnette had already walked out of the bar with one of them.

'It was one my security members started leaving once the doors were closed and locked that they popped their head back in and said there were two people still sitting a car outside,' the worker said.

By the time the worker left at 5:45 a.m., Monette's Black Honda Accord was missing. No one has seen her, or her car, since.

'It's awful. And it's just not knowing. And I know the danger. It's the unknown. Is she suffering? Is she hurt? We just don't know,' Bennett said.

Police said Monnette has a tattoo on her left leg.

If you have seen her or her car, call New Orleans Police at (504) 821-2222.

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