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NEW ORLEANS -- The New Orleans boil water advisory has been lifted, and that's a relief for many people and plenty of local businesses.

From restaurants to schools and even hospitals, having to boil your tap water can be a big headache.

'We're using bottled water, we're not using ice,' said Charlene Buckner of Little Dizzy's. 'We also have gallons of water that we've brought to the store.'

At Uptown's Benjamin Franklin Elementary, signs had to be posted warning students not to use the water fountains.

'Before you go to lunch we usually wash our hands but today the hand washing station is closed. So we've brought sanitary wipes,' said Charlotte Matthew, principal of Ben Franklin Elementary.

As the boil water advisory stretched into its second day, kids, teachers and staff improvised, reaching for extra bottled water and handwipes.

'Yesterday afternoon we were notified that we would have some water delivered by the school board and we should notify parents that they need to bring water,' Matthew said.

The boil water advisories signs were up at Children's Hospital, and patients were served with disposable plates and utensils as a precautionary measure.

'We've shut off all of our fountain drinks, our fountain coffee,' said Chris Price of Children's Hospital. 'That's been the biggest complaint through all of this, our staff saying they can't get their coffee -- especially on a Monday morning.'

The 247-bed hospital says it always has a week's worth of bottled water on stand by, and it ordered more just in case.

'Today we had 100 extra cases of water delivered for use on the floor -- for ingestion and for doctors to wash their hands with and things like that,' Price said.

They are little changes in routine to make sure everyone stays safe.

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