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NEW ORLEANS -- Dozens wore ribbons at a church vigil to show their support for missing person Terrilyn Monette as they continue to pray for her safe return.

'We just want you to come home,' said Monette's sister, Kandice Enclade.

For a worried family, prayer is giving them strength.

The community came together to pray for 26-year-old Terrilyn Monette, whose family flew in from California this week. Her mother, Toni Enclade, said they spoke daily.

'We would always end our conversation with i love you, every day' said Toni Enclade. 'That's why I knew when I didn't hear from my baby that day that something was wrong.'

Monette was last seen early Saturday morning in the parking lot of Parlay's bar in Lakeview. Wednesday night, the Woodland West Elementary School teacher would have been nominated for teacher of the year.

Instead, her colleagues organized a vigil for her safe return.

'School has been difficult over the past few days. We miss her terribly, we are worried terribly,' said principal Amy Hoyle.

'I just thought that I would see her come through the door, and when she didn't it was so difficult,' said Tara Reece, who mentors other teachers.

The vigil is about keeping word of Monette's disappearance alive and empowering those looking for her.

'Now it's time for uplifting and the best thing way we know to do that is through coming together through community through love and through prayer,' Hoyle said.

'Everyone has just been helping and very, very supportive,' said Toni Enclade.

Monette's family had a message for her.

'Be strong Terrilyn, we know you're a fighter,' Toni Enclade said. 'Just hold on just a little longer.'

'I miss you so much,' said Kandice Enclade.

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