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NEW ORLEANS The NOPDsays that a review of surveillance video by investigators showed that a missing Harvey school teacher was traveling alone in her car after she left a Lakeview bar around 5:15 a.m. a little over two weeks ago.

Reviewing three red light cameras around City Park, detectives believe Terrilyn Monette, who has been missing Mar. 2, left the parking lot near Parlay's Lounge on Harrison Avenue around 5:13 a.m., according to Officer Hilal Williams, a spokesperson for NOPD.

On the videos, Monette can seen traveling east on Harrison toward City Park and turning left on to Marconi Drive, heading north, said a statement from Williams, and she was alone in her car, a black Honda.

Police have not been able to determine Monette's movement after the intersection of Marconi and Harrison.

Since Monette was last seen, a number of searches have been conducted by authories and family members since the teacher went missing, including walking searches through sections of City Park and water searches of lagoons in the park and parts of Bayou St. John.

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