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NEW ORLEANS -- Equipped with not one but two sonar units, Texas EquuSearch spent much of the day searching Bayou St. John hoping to take a closer look at some of the vehicles lying beneath the water's surface.

'We know there are some cars out there, so we're going to determine which ones are possibilities,' said Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch. 'And we also want to determine if they're even worth trying to pull up.'

With the help of a crane, their boat and a special sonar brought in from Illinois were both lowered into the bayou.

It's the same technology EquuSearch used during the Natalee Holloway case in Aruba. It's capable of searching water up to 1,000 feet deep. This section of Bayou St. John is about 14 to 15 feet deep.

'Bottom line, we're here for Terrilynn, and we got a couple of images that just look fair,' Miller said. 'We're not getting our hopes up by no means and again, it's just a process of elimination and I think we can eliminate them with the equipment we brought in.'

One by one the vehicles were eliminated. They were not Monette's 2012 black Honda Accord.

'If we don't do this, she's just going to disappear,' said Terry Brown, a Monette family friend. 'We've got to let the world know that we support this family and this woman. We have to do this. We don't have a choice.'

On hand were friends of the family who are organizing a golf tournament fundraiser in the hopes of raising the reward amount for information in this case.

'We're trying really to have a reward out, to see if someone will talk,' said family friend Leary Hughes. 'She's missing and I'm a father of two daughters and I would want someone to help me.'

EequuSearch says they will keep searching for Monette for as long as they can.

The 'Bring Terrilynn Home Golf Tournament' is set to take place at the Belle Terre County Club in LaPlace, on April 7, starting at 8 a.m. It will also include a silent auction. For more information call the Belle Terre Country Club at (985) 652-5000 or Terry Brown at (504) 289-5955. A separate fund to try and also increase the reward amount has also been set up at Regions Bank, under Terrilynn Monette's name.

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