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NEWORLEANS-- Amid the continuous push to turn the Crescent City Connection lights back on, the Young Leadership Council, who originally paid for them, says it has now obtained paperwork for the decades-old deal with the state.

Officials say that deal calls on the state to keep the lights in operation.

'We received a copy of the agreement that the YLC signed with the state of Louisiana back in 1989,' said YLC President Richard Pavlick.

The state has said the lights are too expensive to operate following a judge's decision to throw out last November's vote to keep the tolls.

Friday, the lights went dark, but YLC officials hope their deal with the state is still good.

'That's what we've been saying all along is that we had an agreement, but unfortunately it hadn't turned up and now that we have a copy in hand. We're looking through the agreement and reviewing what our options are moving forward,' Pavlick said.

The development comes following a previous decision by the YLC to pay for three more months of lighting.

Wednesday morning, the Algiers Development District agreed to help push that effort forward.

State Sen. JP Morrell, D-New Orleans, serves as a board member for that entity.

'We decided to become the pass-through for the Young Leadership Council to present their monies to keep the lights on the bridge on, because apparently no one else would step up and do it,' he said.

For now it's unclear what will happen, but YLC officials say they're focused on lighting the bridge once again. The lights, they say, are a symbol of the city's progress.

'Some people have asked, why fight to keep the lights on?We have so many other challenges. And to that we'd answer that this is just one small step in, not only addressing our challenges, but moving New Orleans forward and celebrating our successes,' Pavlick said.

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