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NEW ORLEANS -- Sixty New Orleans firefighters rushed to the 300 block of North Miro between Bienville and Conti at 5:30 a.m. Monday. They found flames shooting through the windows and roof of a multiple unit house.

Neighbors say the structure had long been abandoned, but they often saw people inside.

'We get the first cold snap in quite a while, and we get a fire like this,' said Deputy Chief Tim McConnell. 'We know the buildings had been vacant for quite a long time, but we do have reports that someone had been staying in it.'

Firefighters say they are concerned this week because of the cold weather that swept into New Orleans overnight, worried they'll be extra busy trying to avoid a tragedy.

'It's always a concern that when you get a cold snap, you're gonna get fires,' said McConnell. 'We've had several fires yesterday. It was like our third one in the night. It's always a concern. Mostly these type were due to someone being in the structure.'

No one was found in this building, and there were no injuries reported. But firefighters found a surprise that made their work more difficult, six separate shotgun homes that shared the same roof.

'Although it is six separate apartments, it is one structure and a common attic. So the first chief on the scene said it was spread pretty good very quickly through the attics.'

They put the fire out in a half hour and kept it from spreading. Now they are trying to determine how it started.

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