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NEW ORLEANS On Cohn Street in the Carrollton area, a sizeable section of the roadway has buckled and collapsed, dropping as much as two feet. It happened without warning, a big surprise for neighbor Joe Perdue.

'I went up the street on Claiborne to get brake tags, and I came back, and there was a great big hole in the street, anda trash can placed in it,' said Perdue.

Jeff Van Fleet is very relieved that the sudden street failure didn't happen even a few hours earlier.

'I thought we dodged a bullet because we had very good friends from Florida visiting us,' said Van Fleet. 'They parked right here. Now you can imagine what would have happened if that happened overnight. They couldn't have gotten their car out.'

The street collapsed along the site of an old repair. Between the broken concrete pieces, you see that the soil subsided under the concrete, leaving it suspended and vulnerable to a collapse.

Perdue called 311 because now the broken roadway is a hazard.

'And if a car drove in it, or drove over it, they wouldn't make it,' Perdue said. 'It would blow some tires, you know, probably mess up the undercarriage.'

The neighbors were worried enough to contact the Action Line. So I'm getting in touch with the mayor's office and the Sewerage and Water Board asking them to first make sure this area is marked off with warning cones, and then get this repaired as quickly as possible, before it expands further into the street.

'I'd like some safety measures taken for the whole right of way, I mean immediately,' Van Fleet said.

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