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NEWORLEANS- Thousands of miles from the escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula -- and North leader Kim Jong Un's ramped up threats -- the family who owns and operates Little Korea restaurant on Claiborne Avenue is watching the situation closely.

'If (Kim Jong Un) feels he has to show something to his people or, you know, his military in North Korea, he may take action to launch a missile, but I think that's 50/50,' said Sunny Park, who was born in Seoul, South Korea. 'So, I think he's really pushing himself too far and at this point, he doesn't know how to take it back.'

That erratic behavior worries Park.

While she's lived in the U.S. for more than 10 years, many of her loved ones are still in South Korea.

'I have friends; I have cousins; my grandmother is still in Korea, so, every time North Korea is talking about the missile or nuclear bomb, I'm very concerned,' Park said.

And with Korean networks flashing continuous updates across the restaurant's television, it's a constant reminder of the dangers.

However, Park and her relatives ultimately feel like things will simmer down, before any further escalation.

'I gave them a call last week, you know, asked them how they are doing. Is everything okay? And they seem like everything is fine. They don't seem very worried about what is gonna happen,' Park said. 'Like twice a year (when I was growing up), something came up, you know. So, every time the government was like, 'It's gonna be war; we are in a very urgent situation.' So, we've been going through that a lot. We are very used to this.'

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