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KENNER, La. - The busy intersection of West Esplanade and Loyola almost came to a standstill around midday Wednesday as the downpour caused flooding down portions of both boulevards.

The May 1 flooding had drivers shaking their heads about the strange weather here and across the country.

'No I cannot believe it,' said Tasha Adams. 'This is crazy, it's like snowing in one place and it's storming here.'

The water was deep enough that drivers had to be careful about passing through the intersection. At least one car was flooded and stalled, and had to be towed away. The sudden flood made other drivers nervous.

'It's very bad, because my car is very low, very low,' said Adams, who was happy that she at least avoided being flooded. 'I tried to find a part of the lane that was like shallow. It's not easy, though.'

Not far away on West Loyola Drive, the rain storm briefly overwhelmed the drainage system, flooding sections of the street, parking lots, and the low-lying front lawns of homes in the area. Residents watched nervously from their doorways, hoping this latest flood wouldn't get inside their homes.

'Your husband was raking up the leaves? He had to to clean out the drain, you know so that we don't have water inside the house,' said Ellie Orellana. 'As you can see the other ones, the water went almost to the door.'

Kenner officials dispatched city workers to clean out the drains to help this flood water drain as quickly as possible. Going pretty good now? Worker: Yes, sir. I'm going pretty good with it, trying to get it out. It was stopped up with this thing here.'

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