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NEWORLEANS - Family members of missing teacher Terrilynn Monette are hoping the FBI will take over the search for her.

Sunday marked 11 weeks since Monette went missing.

She was last seen at Parlay's bar on Harrison Avenue in Lakeview. A picture of her was taken in her car by a traffic camera at Marconi and Harrison.

Monette's family and friends prayed for her at Franklin Avenue Baptist Church and City of Love Full Gospel Church on Sunday.

They're asking for the FBI to take over the investigation into her disappearance.

'I would like to see my baby's face splashed on every TV screen in this United States. It needs to be brought to everyone's attention. Not just here in Louisiana, but in other states,' said Toni Enclade, the missing teacher's mother.

Police said they have no leads and calls to Crimestoppers have slowed. They are hoping anyone with information will come forward to help them break the case.

'We're at a brick wall. We really don't know where to go next,' said Rep. Austin Badon (D) New Orleans East.

Sunday's services capped a full weekend of events to keep Monette in the public eye.

Enclade headed back to California but vowed to continue coming back until her daughter is found.

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