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NEWORLEANS-- The search is still on for two men who abducted a woman in the Central Business District earlier this month. The case still has many working and the living in the area feeling uneasy.

'It's kind of a scary place sometimes to be here,' said Marie Athanasiadis, a CBD resident.

A frightening experience is exactly what unfolded for a woman in the Central Business District on May 5. Police say a woman was abducted by two men in a white, older model Ford Explorer in the 700 block of Camp Street around 3:30 a.m.

The NOPD says the victim was then sexually assaulted. Nearly three weeks later, police are still looking for two men pictured in two composite sketches.

The attack doesn't sit with people like Renee who work in the neighborhood. 'I park down the street and I have to walk back and forth. It doesn't make me feel very safe,' said Renee, who asked Eyewitness News to only use her first name.

As for Athanasiadis, the CBD resident says she is normally pretty cautious when it comes to where and how she gets around at night this latest attack a reminder to stay vigilant.

'You really just have to use common sense -- always be aware of where you're at. I don't ever wander around late at night and stay on busy streets,' said Athanasiadis.

NOPD says it has received several tips connected to this case which are being investigated. If you can help police you're asked to call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.
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