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TANGIPAHOA PARISH-- The stories about 10-year-old Byronee Jackson are on many minds Tuesday, a day after she was killed in a car crash just down the road from a relative's house.

In the car with Byronee was her 15-year-old sister, who was driving with only a permit, and two brothers; all on the way to baseball practice. The Jackson family says the 15-year-old had attended drivers' education classes and drove short-distance errands sometimes to help with the family's busy schedule. The 15-year-old told family members she was trying to put her seat belt on, and get her siblings to do the same, when the crash occurred on Highway 1054 in between Independence and Amite. Only one was able to get the seat belt on as the car spun out of control and flipped off the roadway. Byronee and her 12-year-old brother were ejected from the car, but Byronee was the only one killed.

'It's just an accident that happened,' said Ebony Robinson, the aunt of the children.

Family members say Byronee's sister is having a hard time handling the tragedy.

'She feels as though it's her fault and I've explained to her repetitively it's not her fault. It's an act of God,'said Shirell Jackson, the mother. 'This was going to happen.'

And with three children still alive and unharmed today, Jackson says she's blessed.

'I feel good because I got a great support system and it's coming from everywhere,' she said.

And Jackson says she has peace because she knows Byronee does too.

'God was very important in our lives and she knew one day, she said 'I'm gonna go to heaven' and now she's there and that brings me comfort.'

Visitation and funeral services are set for Byronee Jackson this weekend, while her brother played a baseball game in her honor Tuesday night.

The District Attorney's Office will determine whether any charges will be filed in the case.

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