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NEWYORK -- Not as lucky as last year in the NBA Draft lottery when the Hornets landed the top pick and the opportunity to select Anthony Davis, the New Orleans Pelicans will select No. 6 in the upcoming 2013 NBA Draft.

The draft will be held on June 27.

Nearly a year earlier, the then-Hornets beat the odds and won the lottery, eventually taking Anthony Davis from Kentucky with the first pick in the draft.

According to the team, going into the lottery, the Pelicans had a slim chance -- 8.8 percent -- of landing the top overall pick and a 29.13 percent chance of moving in to the top three selections. The Pelicans were originally slotted for the fifth pick, but fell back one slot to the sixth.

'I'm a little surprised, but I'm not disappointed by the sixth pick,' said head coach Monty Williams. 'It's still a high pick. There are a lot of quality guys that will be available, a lot of rotation guys. We feel good about the pick. It's only going to add to the young core that we have. I feel like we'll be able to find a rotation guy that will be on our team for a long time.'

The Cleveland Cavaliers ended up being the lucky team of the evening winning the 2013 lottery and the first pick in the draft.

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