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PLAQUEMINES, La. -- Twenty one people are in custody after a four-month undercover operation in Plaquemines Parish.

Authorities say nearly $4,000 in illegal drugs were seized during 'Operation United' investigation.

The Narcotics Divison of the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office set out to round up 27 suspects for drug distribution and possession.

The suspects range in age from 18 to 56. Twenty of them have prior arrest records, many of which involves drug related charges, but some have more serious convictions like attempted second-degree murder and armed robbery.

Twenty one of the 27 are already in custody. One is in drug rehab, while two others are already behind bars for other crimes.

Authorities are still looking for three men, 21-year old Evan Billiot, 22-year old Kevin Nguygen and 25-year old Brendan Piazza.

Investigators uncovered everything from marijuana and cocaine to ecstasy and prescription drugs.

Sheriff Lonnie Greco believes the parish has the ability to make a serious dent in the drug problem.

'We are very unique here down in Plaquemines Parish. We got a brand new facility that's getting ready to come online very shortly -- an 871 bed prison. In surrounding parishes, you have prisons that are so overloaded and so overcrowded that they have to let some people leave to put the most violent in there. Here we don't have that problem,' he explains.

The sheriff said he has zero tolerance for illegal drugs in Plaquemines Parish. His office plans to continue the crackdown on drug activity.

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