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METAIRIE, La. - On Tuesday, no animals will die at the east bank and west bank Jefferson Parish animal shelters.

The shelters have taken a pledge, along with a number of shelters across the country, not to euthanize any adoptable animals.

About 10,000 animals are saved across the nation on 'No Kill' Day.

About 12,000 animals a year are received at the east bank animal shelter. About 35 percent are euthanized for space reasons or because they are not adoptable pets. There are currently about 300 animals in the Jefferson Parish's east bank shelter, and about 150 more at the west bank site.

The shelter director said one of the biggest misconceptions about animal shelters is that they do not have purebred pets.

To try to help find the animals a home, hours have been extended until 7:30 p.m. and adoption fees are $30.

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