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NEW ORLEANS -- It's the symbolic end of an era. Soon, the Crescent City Connection booths won't be there anymore.

Crews are gearing up to begin the process of removing the toll booth after voters decided to end tolls on the CCC.

Crews will begin removing six of the CCC's 12 toll booths Wednesday night. They'll use cranes to lift the booths off their foundations.

That's no easy task -- each booth weighs 2,500 pounds, and since the Louisiana DOTD wants to keep this toll plaza lit through this project, it's a time consuming process. Crews have to disconnect all electrical wires to the booth before they're moved, a 16-hour process.

Drivers have mixed emotions about the symbolic effort.

'I've been working at the bridge for 15 years, and I'm kind of sad,' said former CCC employee Tanya Wilson. 'That toll bridge meant a lot to a lot of people, and a lot of employees lost a lot of jobs.'

'I'm glad the tolls were not continued as they were going to be, simply for the fact that I don't think there was enough accountability,' said Algiers resident Brian Washington. 'And I think that's what all of the real issue is with taxpayers. They want to know where their dollars are going.'

'I think it's going to be sad. It's 50/50 they say in 20 years, but jobs, I don't think anybody thought about the jobs and families,' said Algiers resident Jacqueline Flag.

So what happens to the toll booths after they're removed? They'll be used as spares for the La. 1 toll bridge, and that means all toll booths will be kept intact as the crane lifts them off their foundations and removes them from the CCC.

There will be lane closures at night at least through mid-July. That's whole long crews say it will take to remove all 12 tolls from this area.

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