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LAKEVIEW, La. -- Lakeview neighbors living along Louis XIVsay a man dressed as a construction worker burglarized the neighborhood after the start of a recent road construction project.

What the thief did not know was that it was all caught on tape.One neighbor's surveillance video captured the crime and now neighbors want to get the word out so he does not strike again.

The private surveillance video shows the brazen act of the thief.

'It's kinda scary because his daughter was home alone and she had headphones on so thank goodness she didn't hear anything,' said nearby neighbor Milo Barrios.

Over the course of 10 minutes, the man goes back seven different times. Slowly and calmly he loads his car with tools, a $400 chop saw and even a brand new lawn mower.

'Neighbors watched him load his lawn mower into the trunk of his car and didn't think anything of it,' said Barrios.'He just thought it was a worker.'

With a recent construction project underway along Louis XIV, the man picked the perfect disguise -An orange, reflective vest.However, neighbors say this is only one of several break-ins they have had sincetheconstructionstarted.

'In the lastthree orfour weeks we have had multiple break-ins,' saidBarrios.'We have had aboutfive vehicles broken into and our neighbor had his vehicle stolen from him.'

While neighbors say they welcome the overdue project, they say it's scary knowing someone is out there taking advantage of it.

'I am really concerned. In fact,I have already gone ahead and contacted someone to get some video surveillance put up around our house just becauseI am concerned,' said Barrios.

Not only does Barrios plan to get his own video surveillance system installed, he also says he will be thinking twice before opening the door to a stranger.

'BeforeI even open the doorI would want to make sure someone at least has some type of badge if they are wear some type of vest, knowing what this guy is doing,' said Barrios.

Police say the man is driving a stolen 2013 white Dodge sedan, which was reported stolenout of Lafayette back in January. Police say it has a Louisiana license plate number N331599. If anyone sees this car or knows who this man is they are asked to call the Third District Detective at 504-658-6030 orCrimestoppers at 504-822-1111.
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