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NEWORLEANS - The American Heart Association provided a new way to get fit in New Orleans.

On Tuesday, the AHA unveiled a new walking path in the Carrollton-area.

The path is meant to provide safe and accessible fitness resources to the community.

The AHA placed mile markers were placed along the path.

Walking 30 minutes a day can add an hour to a person's life and lower the risk for heart disease and stroke, according to the AHA.

'United Healthcare has worked with the American Heart Association on a national campaign to add walking paths throughout the country. So, we'd like to do 150 of these paths across the country over a three year period. United Healthcare has put almost $2 million into doing that and working with the Heart Association to put these paths in place in different areas,' said Bridget Galatas, an AHAvolunteer.

The path is located at Palmer Park.

There is also an official AHAwalking path at Duncan Plaza. A third path is in the works for 2014.

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