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COVINGTON- Fire officials say a neighborhood in Covington is being targeted by lightning. The revelation follows a strike to a home in the Penn Mill Lakes subdivision Monday morning.

'In the kitchen, the molding was actually in the living room, but it actually goes in the kitchen,' said Vickel Washington.

That's one of the many things Washington woke up to when lightning hit her house.

'About 6:15 or 6:30, we could hear a sizzling and a pop sound, thunder and the lightning just hit the house.'

Fortunately, there was no fire found, but outside, the bolt split a shingle, popped a vent off of the underside of the roof and blew a hole in the siding near the back door.

'These plugs have already been replaced but they were all black and fried,' Washington said.

Also inside, the strike scarred one part of her living room floor, cracked a part of the dining room floor and left a little hole in the wall.

St. Tammany Fire District #12 District Chief Eric Rodick said, 'Yea, that was very strange. Normally it's very charred, and it wasn't charred and it hit it so many different spots.'

The Washington house isn't the only one that's been struck by lightning. Fire officials say the neighborhood and area seems to be a target for electricity from the sky. In the Penn Mill Lakes neighborhood, there have been three homes struck in three years. In Fire District 12, there's been 15 lightning strike calls in six years, including one in the Lake Ramsay area last July. And there's a suspicion why.

'They have very little trees. It was a sod farm. The highest things in the area are the houses so they will be the first things struck by lightning,' said Rodick.

A reminder for you: It's National Lightning Safety Awareness Week meant to warn of the dangers of outdoor activities during a thunderstorm.

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