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This is just a sandy patch in the ground next to the sidewalk in front of Dennis DeBoisblanc's Lakeview home, But it is the symbol that his life has returned to normal.

'I tell you, it really is nice to be able to pull up, and not constantly step into a puddle,' Dennis said.

This is why Dennis urgently emailed me for help last month. A water leak on the city-side of the meter flooded his sidewalk, and lawn. The leak was large enough that water pressure inside his house dropped dramatically, making showers challenging.

'It's quite miserable to take a shower in the morning, especially when I get half of this at eight a.m,' he said when we first visited June 18.

He got fed up when a barrage of calls to the Sewerage and Water Board didn't produce help for three weeks.

'Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and then again Monday and Tuesday. And what did you hear? We heard we'd get to it as soon as they can, and every day the pressure seems to get worse and worse.'

Another neighbor complained of low water pressure as well, so I contacted the Sewerage and Water Board, and asked them to get out here right away. And boy did they. Dennis couldn't believe how quickly they responded.

'It was amazing. I came home for lunch the next day, and they were out there at twelve o'clock, and they were out there ripping things up, and correcting the problem.'

Well, he said his friends teased him a lot after the first Action Report about the shower situation, but now he has full water pressure.

'It's nice. I'm back to living a normal life,'Dennis concluded witha smile.

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