COVINGTON, La. Police made arrests in a pair of shootings that left two people injured in Covington in the early morning hours of July 3, according to a spokesperson.

Police said the two shootings were linked and that the second shooting was done by the intended victim of the first shooting.

A police spokesperson said that police were contacted by the St. Tammany Parish Hospital just after midnight on July 3 about a shooting victim.

Responding officers found out that a 19-year-old woman had been sitting on a car with three other people in the 900 block of West 32nd when a car passed by and shots were fired, hitting the victim in the leg. Police believe the intended victim in the first shooting was Lanell Certain.

A few hours later, police received another call from St. Tammany Hospital about a shooting victim and they found a 26-year-old man who had been shot in the face. Police said detectives couldn't interview the victim because his injuries were severe.

Police eventually identified a suspect in the first shooting and arrested Demontez Tyrell Bedford on four counts of principal to attempted second-degree murder. He was arrested on July 10.

Tips then led them to Lanell Certain as the shooting suspect in the second incident. Certain was one of the people with the group during the first shooting. Detectives say Certain told them he shot the second victim because he believed the man had set him up to be a victim in the first shooting. Police said they believe that Certain was the intended target when the young woman was hit.

The young woman in the first shooting was treated and released from the hospital. The victim in the second shooting laid bleeding in a parking lot for a couple of hours before his girlfriend came home and drove him to the hospital. There was no update on his condition.

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