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NEW ORLEANS -- The arrival of the Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board crew at the intersection of Upperline and Coliseum Streets was a delightful surprise for the neighbors.

'Very exciting news,' said Kay Fausset. 'I heard the rumblings of the trucks, and I ran outside in my nightgown and my robe to check on it, and when I came in I went 'woo-hoo!' And I immediately sent you an email to tell you.'

Kay is so happy today because Tuesday's Action Report showed the deep hole in the middle of the intersection that developed when a water board repair project was not completed months ago and abandoned.

The neighbors learned to avoid the area entirely, but often heard the sounds of other vehicles striking the hole. 'My friends when they come pick up up to go somewhere, sometimes they don't know it's there,' Kay said yesterday. 'They bottom out as they go through, and then it just gets worse and worse.'

Wednesday morning the crew turned the project into two steps, first filling the hole with dirt to smooth out the street and make it passable.

'Thank you Sewerage & Water Board for coming out and fixing this pothole, and thank you Channel 4 and Bill Capo for coming to our rescue here,' Kay said.

Now they tell me that the asphalt crew will be out, perhaps later Wednesday, certainly by Friday, to finish the repairs to this section of the street. At the same time they are also starting repairs to the broken pipe under here that occurred as a result of people trying to dodge that big hole.

They just worry that underground pipes have broken here more than once.

'Guess who I'll call if it comes back? Channel 4,' Kay said.

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