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NEWORLEANS -- Each year it's a reoccurring nightmare at City Hall:Property owners in Orleans Parish battle long lines to challenge their property tax assessments.

But thanks to some major changes, this year Orleans Parish Assessor Erroll Williams is hoping things will be a little bit easier.

A new law passed this legislative session doubles the time property owners have to challenge an assessment value, giving them an entire month.

Another bonus is that the process is moving to the web. Starting next Monday, property owners will be able to file for appeals online for the first time in Louisiana.

In the past, they only had two weeks to do so in person, creating lines that spilled out of the assessor's office and in some cases created waiting rooms on other floors.

Make sure you bring the assessment letter and documentation to support your claim, which could be a recent appraisal or insurance coverage of the property if you come to appeal in person.

Williams is confident the changes will create shorter lines.

'When you look at history, you look back 50 years, you'll see that it's always been a large crowd of people coming in a two-week period and a revalue year where we send out thousands of notices. We average about 7,000 people in a two-week period. That's very difficult for us to be able accommodate, so I took a model from another city and tried to implement it here, and thanks to the legislation we got it moved to 30 days,' Williams said.

'I am very pleased about that,' said Eliza Henson, a property owner. '30 days is better than 15.'

If you want to challenge your property tax assessment, you can do so on any weekday from until Aug. 15 between 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The locations include: The fourth floor of City Hall, the Algiers courthouse, and next Monday, the Lakeview Christian Center.

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