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NEW ORLEANS -- Some residents in the Carrollton area didn't think it could get worse after a water main break, which flooded cars and prompted a boil water advisory.

They were wrong.

Residents in the area say they've been without water all day, and they want answers from the Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board.

Crews are working to fix the broken water transmission main that burst Tuesday morning.

While the boil water advisory has been lifted, many in the immediate area of the transmission line haven't had water all day.

Nick Silver was forced to back up and stay elsewhere Wednesday night because his water has been out since Tuesday evening.

'Between not being able to go to the flush the total to not being able to take a shower, it's a major inconvenience,' Silver said.

It's a major problem for several block of Uptown. Dozens of nearby residents are still turning on their faucets to find nothing coming out.

Even more frustrating, they can't seem to get answers from officials.

'It's really frustrating,' Silver said. 'I've called the emergency number a couple times. At first they weren't really giving me much information, the last time I called this afternoon they said 8 p.m., and I just came home, it's just after 9 p.m., still no water.'

Joe Becker, the general superintendent of the Sewerage & Water Board, said the water was in the process of being turned on at 10 p.m.

'The good news is the water's coming back on right now. We're actually opening up the valves, and we'll be able to get the pressure restored in the next 15-20 minutes.'

Becker said residents may see an outage again Thursday afternoon as they do further repairs. He said Thursday's process should be 'much faster.'

'We'll be back in business very quickly,' Becker said.

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