The lawsuit filed by a regional flood protection authority against nearly 100 oil, gas and pipeline companies is already a political hot potato.

Clancy DuBos / Eyewitness News Political Analyst

It didn't take long for politics to overshadow the historic lawsuit filed by the local levee authority against 97 energy companies. The flood authority says the energy industry, which has carved up Louisiana's coast over the past 80 years, should help pay to restore the state's vanishing wetlands.

The energy defendants have yet to file their official answer in court, but they're already on the attack politically. So far, their big gun is Gov. Bobby Jindal. The governor says the flood protection board was 'hijacked by a group of trial lawyers.'

As if trial lawyers were criminals.

Last time I checked, it was trial lawyers, not oil companies or politicians, who were holding BP accountable for damaging the coast and ruining people's lives and businesses.

The governor said he would not interfere in the lawsuit, then he turned around and tried his best to derail it. As for the lawsuit, if it has no merit, the judge or the jury will toss it.

Meanwhile, governor, how about you do your job, and let the courts, the flood authority and the lawyers do theirs?

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