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NEWORLEANS-- Treme neighbors want three wrecked vehicles, abandoned in their neighborhood, removed from the corner of Esplanade Avenue and North Rampart Street. About two weeks ago, a driver crashed into the vehicles, which included an antique RV.

Johnnie Lonigan is the maintenance manager for a nearby condominium building. 'Some guy was coming down the street and he was texting and driving and he hit that first car and ran into this one and this one ran into this one,' said Lonigan.

Self-proclaimed free spirit and hula-hoop designer Brandy Novak owns the RV.

'He hit me so hard on the drivers side rear end, that he knocked out my front passenger headlight,' said Novak.

Novak wasn't in the Toyota Sunraider at the time of the accident, but she says this was her home.

'I've been living in this for four and a half years. I remodeled inside. I'm almost done with it. It's a shame they shook it all up.'

Novak says she's not sure what to do with the RV.

'Two and a half weeks ago, three weeks ago, I could have gotten $15,000 for this. I'll be lucky to get $500 for it now.'

But Treme neighbors are pushing for Novak and the other two owners to remove their wrecked vehicles as soon as possible.

'They wish that the eyesore would be gone,' said Lonigan. 'Someone needs to come take care of this. I take care of all the property and it doesn't help.'

Novak has a message for the driver who wrecked what she called her 'love machine.' It's written on the side of the RV.

'To the Jerk that destroyed my antique RV, thanks for nothing.'

The NOPD says the driver who side-swiped the three vehicles was arrested.

'The vehicles in question still rightfully belong to their owners and they are legally parked on a public street,' said NOPD spokeswoman Remi Braden.

'NOPD cannot tow away vehicles unless they are illegally parked, hazardous or affect the flow of traffic. Furthermore, no resident has filed a complaint with the NOPD about these vehicles.'

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