The New Orleans City Council will hear a presentation that should eventually lead to changes in the sound ordinance in the city of New Orleans.

Noise level is a major issue that has come up over music played in cars throughout the city and especially on Bourbon Street.

And while music played in bars is a big issue, the topic of sound is more than that, it includes noise such as delivery trucks and even construction, and that's why City Council Member Kristen Giselson Palmer wanted to take a comprehensive look at the problem.

It all goes back to 2011, when the City Council began trying to re-work the city's noise ordinance.

David Woolworth, a Mississippi musician, was hired to conduct a comprehensive study on the issue, and after a year and a half of research, he came up with the nearly eighty page report he'll be explaining in detail before the City Council.

The report gives a history of the issue of noise in New Orleans, and says that noise related complaints in the city go all the way to the 1700s.

Woolworth says the point is to help develop a noise ordinance that will find a happy medium between keeping the city livable and allowing noise at a level that does not interfere with the things that make New Orleans the city it is.

The study also stresses that enforcement of the ordinance is equally as important as the actual law.

There will be a full presentation on the report at 11:30 a.m. Monday at City Hall, and Council Members are looking for feedback from the public.

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