Clancy DuBos / Gambit Columnist - Political Analyst

Every year at this time, we hear politicians trying to take credit for New Orleans' recovery since Hurricane Katrina. Everybody from the governor to the dog catcher wants to wrap himself in the cloak of our success.

But let's not lose sight of one of the most important lessons of Katrina: When things go totally wrong, it's the people not government, and not politicians who make things right again. It was the people who demanded that every neighborhood have the right to rebuild. It was the people who demanded better flood protection, as well as reforms to the school system, the levee boards, and the seven assessors offices. Politicians didn't pass those reforms willingly. They passed them, because people demanded change.

Katrina was a terrible, terrible tragedy. But even in tragedy, people can find the strength to recover, to come back stronger, and to demand better from our leaders. So, this week, as we remember Katrina, let's also remember who really drove the recovery and let's never stop demanding better.

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