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NEWORLEANS- 'I want to see my kitchen first,' said homeowner Vanessa Ross.

John and Vanessa Ross were thrilled to see their newly restored home. The St. Bernard Project repaired the house they bought 37 years ago. There were tears of joy.

'I'm just so overwhelmed, because I know we never thought we'd get here,' said Vanessa.

'When you see the Ross family, they're a family again,' said St. Bernard Project Founder Zack Rosenburg.

Zack Rosenburg founded the St. Bernard Project to help families who couldn't rebuild on their own. They completed their 500th home for the Ross family on Katrina's 8th anniversary.

'I was living in Washington, D. C.,' said Rosenburg when asked where he was eight years ago when Katrina struck. 'I was a lawyer, trying cases in D.C. Superior Court.'

He said he came to New Orleans because he had to.

August 29, 2005, Eyewitness News staffers were watching Katrina come ashore, and were just beginning to realize the nightmare the area would face. Eight years later, the St. Bernard Project still needs help to bring people home.

'We have 130 clients on our waiting list, and we're getting at least 15 applications for help each week,' explained Rosenburg.

'St. Bernard Project has really filled a void for families in New Orleans who are trying to come back,' said City Housing Policy Director Brian Lawlor.

The St. Bernard Project set up the NOLA For NOLA campaign, urging New Orleans residents to help bring their neighbors home by volunteering, or making donations to pay for rebuilding supplies.'

We want all our New Orleans people back, we want them back,' said Vanessa Ross. 'So we want y'all to come on and help us.'

To volunteer or donate to the St. Bernard Project, call their office at 277-6831, or visit the agency website at

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