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Jesse and Suzanne Shaffer still own a home in Braithwaite but are struggling to return to the area post-Hurricane Isaac.

Jesse Shaffer, along with his son and volunteers, helped rescue many people from the aftermath of the hurricane, and then formed the Team Braithwaite Foundation with the goal of helping area residents survive during and after the storm.

Suzanne Shaffer says that their hands are tied when asked whether she would return home with her family, 'We don't have any protection, we just can't put our family through this for a third time.'

The Shaffers lost everything in Hurricane Katrina.

Jesse Shaffer added that even if they or area residents could come home, insurance would be unbearable and that without a wall for protection, similar to the one in St. Bernard, there are too many reasons to stay away from the area.

'A wall eliminates every problem,' Jesse Shaffer said.

The Shaffers hope that the area can one day get the protection it needs so that future residents will be able to enjoy the place they called home, the same way they did.

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