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SLIDELL-- As with most high-travel holidays, Louisiana State Police will be out in full force to make sure drivers stay safe on the road this Labor Day weekend. But, they will be where you can see them and where you wouldn't look for them - in the sky.

'This is going to be just a concentrated effort where we have all gotten together and say during this time period, during this Friday to Monday holiday weekend, we're going to have as much resources and manpower on the I-10 corridor as much as possible to try and minimize crashes and make a safe environment,' said Trooper Nick Manale.

That includes ground units, commercial motor vehicle enforcement and air support from a plane that can point out speeding or distracted drivers to the ground units. And they're looking for everything.

'All those common safety violations that cause crashes to happen, including following too closely, to speeding, to improper lane use, of course driving while distracted, not wearing seatbelts, making sure children are properly restrained, and of course we always focus our attention on drivers who are impaired too,' said Manale.

Jonathan Johnson got the message first hand in Slidell Friday as he came off the Twin Spans.

He said, 'I was on my way home, I was moving, and they got me though. I can't be upset. I gotta take my lick man.'

Louisiana isn't the only state increasing enforcement this weekend. All eight states that I-10 runs through are participating in 'Operation Safe Corridor.'

'This is the first time we have such an, almost nationwide, the entire length of I-10, eight states all together, working together in a unified effort to try to really decrease the amount of crashes we're going to see over the weekend,' said Manale. 'Our ultimate goal is to have no fatal crashes whatsoever so we're gonna be out there in force.'

Johnson applauds the effort.

He said, 'Yea, no doubt because you've got a lot of people who drink and drive on Labor Day, a lot of people get killed, a lot of fatalities. So, it's good enforcement, they just doing their job at the end of the day.'

And troopers want you to make safe driving your job this Labor Day weekend too.

The operation kicked into high gear Friday at Midnight and continues through Labor Day.

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