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NEW ORLEANS, La. - Costco's first big-box retail store is getting very close to opening in New Orleans, and after much anticipation and construction at the Carrollton intersection, doors are just about ready to open.

Pete Carter, Costco's General Manager, says membership has been off the charts, and they have been getting a lot of requests. In fact, he says he had to hire more people than anticipated, to deal with the requests for membership.

'Not only were we able to beat, but I think we've exceeded the expectations in terms of hiring, and of course, we provide all of our employees with full benefits, both full-time and part-time. So we're obviously going to be able to give back, and take care of our employees in the manner in which employers should,' said Carter.

What Costco offers is what has people so excited, such as organic products, electronics, and even holiday decorations.

The biggest impact that Costco could have on the area however, is an economic impact.

Katie Moore will have a closer look at the economic impact, and what Mayor Mitch Landrieu is calling a retail boom in the city of New Orleans, coming up tonight on Eyewitness News.

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