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The tropics are getting active, but things are looking quiet for the Louisiana coast this week. High pressure will protect us at the start of the week... then a cold front will sweep through to shield us from any potential tropical systems into the weekend.

While no tropical storms threaten us this week, Mexico is not so lucky. The northern coast is getting slammed with a LOT of rain from Tropical Storm Ingrid. Ingrid will deliver 10-25 inches of rain as it swirls westward over north Mexico. It will quickly fall apart by midweek as it moves inland, but its heavy rains could still prompt floods and mudslides.

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Keep in mind the eastern side of Mexico has already dealt with two recent doses of tropical rains from Tropical Storm Fernand and Tropical Depression Eight.

By the way, Ingrid's winds peaked at 85 mph on Saturday night, making Ingrid the second hurricane of the season. On the other side of Mexico, the remnants of Tropical Storm Manuel sent some strong west winds toward Ingrid. Those winds knocked down some of Ingrid's tallest storms and interfered with its circulation, forcing the storm to weaken slightly since its peak on Saturday night.

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On the other side of the Atlantic Basin, Humberto is coming back to life. Humberto was of course the first hurricane of the season. It formed just hours short of the record for the latest first hurricane of an Atlantic season. The hurricane fizzled as it moved north over the eastern Atlantic, but it is gaining steam once again as it heads over a pocket of warmer water. Humberto could reach hurricane status for a second time by midweek. The good news is this storm is not a threat to land.

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So is anything else brewing this week? Some moisture in the Caribbean Sea will likely hop over the Yucatan Peninsula and emerge in the Bay of Campeche. Models are developing a low pressure center there, but they aren't very aggressive with its development. Any stirrings in this part of the southern Gulf should stay away from Louisiana and Mississippi.

Long range models are keeping things quiet in our area through next week too.

Keep checking our tropical video updates for the latest information through the week. Carl, Laura, Derek and I post new videos for you a few times a day.

See you back here next week for your Talkin' Tropics discussion. Every week, we'll post a fresh tropics forecast for the week ahead.

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