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NEW ORLEANS - In one week there has been three separate shootings in the same Seventh Ward neighborhood. The spike in violence has left three people dead and another hospitalized.

Now, those who live and work in the area are on edge.

Caution tape and police cars are become a common sight for neighbors living along Derbigny Street. On Monday afternoon a 25-year-man was shot and killed.

It happened just blocks from last week's fatal shooting that claimed the lives of Moises Hernandez, 46, and Jose Bardales, 30. Just days after the shooting, both died in the hospital from multiple gunshot wounds.

The two men were electrical workers. They had returned from lunch when they were suddenly gunned down and now other construction workers, working in the Seventh Ward, are worried they are not safe on the job either.

'The thing that is the scariest for me is that my guys want to carry guns on the job,' said home builder Keith Carter. 'I never felt like we had to do that before.'

Keith Carter said he has two crews working between four different jobs in the neighborhood. He said safety is a growing concern, especially after a recent incident across town.

'They held my guys at gunpoint in New Orleans East, telling them they were waiting for me to bring payroll and they were going to shoot us,' said Carter.

That is why some of the employees want to arm themselves at work, but before that happens Carter says he would set some ground rules.

'I want to make sure that if any of my guys have any weapons, they know how to use them and that they aren't just playing around,' said Carter. 'That they go take classes and know what to do.'

On Monday police arrested one of the two gunmen that shot and killed Hernandez and Bardales.

However, investigators still do not know the motive and are still searching for the other gunman.

Police are asking anyone with information about either of the fatal shootings on Derbigny Street to call Crimestoppers at 822-1111.

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