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METAIRIE, La. - Quick action by some Good Samaritans helped a woman out of a car that had plunged into a canal and was filling with water Wednesday.

It is a frightening sight, the small sedan partially submerged in the drainage canal at West Napoleon Avenue and Elise Street in Metairie. Witnesses say the car went out of control and into the canal following a fender-bender accident.

'Just a screeching of brakes, a loud bang, and a car swerving basically,' said eyewitness Nick Favaza.

'And the car swerving, we looked, and we saw that little car right there going down in the canal.'

'When I hit the water, I was absolutely stunned. It was like how did I get here,' said driver Barbara Leslie. 'Thank goodness the door wasn't locked, and I was able to open it, but then the water started pouring in.'

But just in time, Good Samaritans jumped into the canal to rescue Barbara Leslie.

'Within seconds they were there, and making sure I was all right, that I wasn't hurt, and got me out of the car, and carried me up to the bank,' she said gratefully.

Former Navy medical Corpsman Nick Favaza helped make sure she was okay.

'He carried her up on the canal bank there, where we laid her out, made sure she was okay, made sure she was coherent, things like that,' said Favaza.

'I don't know what I would have done had they not been there, because I was so wobbly and shaky,' said Leslie. 'I would probably have ended up drowning myself in the canal trying to get out.'

In just minutes after it happened, the tow truck driver already had the car out of the canal, hauling it off.

'They were amazing, and then all of a sudden they were gone, and I never even had a chance to say thank you, and I am so grateful,' said Leslie.

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