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NEWORLEANS-- A roadside memorial in Algiers now marks the spot on General de Gaulle Drive where shots rang out earlier this week killing 25-year-old Deshawn Butler and his 7-month-old son Deshawn Kinard.

O'Brice Julian runs a carwash and tire shop just steps away from where police say a gunman opened fire on their car.

'It's sad, a baby involved, that's sad,' said Julian. 'Sad that people get killed every day. It's just we hear about it every day. It's just tough. It's hard to deal with. It's hard to explain your feelings.'

Police say a feud between the Fisher Fools and Hot Block gangs may have led to the shooting. Julian says these days you don't have to be a gang member to get killed. 'It's a family member or it could be a brother or a sister, even parents, children; it's just tough.'

Friday, there did appear to be more police on the streets trying to curb the violence. Gang tensions may have also been to blame for a triple shooting that killed one man and injured a 14-year-old last month in Algiers.

While violence involving young people is nothing new to Algiers or the Westbank, those in the local faith based community say this most recent shooting, particularly the death of a 7 month old baby has really rocked this community to its core.

'It is a wake up call and it's shocking and it reverberates through all families,' said Ronald Dixon.

Dixon is a member of an organization called 'Men of Vision' at the All Saints Catholic Church in Algiers. The group formed to reach out to people in need, especially young people looking for direction.

'Our goal is to try and focus on these young kids and actually teach them some conflict resolution, teach them some skills if they're having problems in school, teach them some life skills as well,' said Dixon.

Dixon says Men of Vision hopes to eventually add a music program.

'Music was the thing that kept be busy, because I lived in the projects and that's the thing that kept me focused because I had some music to keep me going,' said Dixon.

As of Friday afternoon, police had no updates on the search for the killers in the brutal murder felt across New Orleans.

'We've got to at least look into the future,' said Julian. 'We're not setting a good example for ourselves. When I say myself, young black men period.'

Crimestoppers received a steady stream of tips throughout the day, some revealing good information about the murder of Butler and baby Deshawn.

If you can help, call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111. The call is anonymous and the reward is up to $15,000.

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