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BUSH, La -An investigation into possible animal neglect is underway after three horses were found in poor condition in St. Tammany.

The farm is on Owen Sharp Road, next door to Peggy Janneck's home; it's because of that that she noticed the shape they're in.

The three horses' ribs appear to be showing more than usual.One horse is clearly more emaciated than the others.There appears to be two ponds of water available to the animals, but both have a green tint.There's hay, but it appears old and wet and the horses can be seen eating grass right next to their droppings.

'This is something that needs attention right away,' said Janneck.

So she called the parish animal control, which came out Wednesday.

Animal control said it couldn't talk about the situation because there is an open investigation, but it does have action underway.That action is protocol, which is contacting the owner and requiring a veterinary examination. That report then goes to animal control to consider in its investigation.

A representative of the company that owns the property and the animals contacted Eyewitness News Friday afternoon.He says the unhealthiest horse has been sick for years and is under a vet's care.He says the other two horses are healthy, in his opinion, and may have ribs showing because of the way they are worked to herd cattle in the winter.He says the horses are checked on every other day, are fed grain and do have access to fresh water and other areas of the farm.

'Sometimes it may not be neglect, sometimes there's a health issue with the animal and we want to make sure that the owner knows and is responsible, but part of the investigation process is that we have that veterinary inspection or examination,' said St. Tammany Parish spokesman Ronnie Simpson.

Janneck is just glad to hear the horses have help on the horizon.

She said, 'Hopefully something can get done right away.'
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